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On Stage

As a classical pianist with a penchant for musical exploration, I traverse the rich tapestry of music from Rameau to Brad Mehldau, weaving classical elegance with the improvisational flair of jazz. Whether as a soloist or collaborating with diverse chamber music ensembles, I seek for new interpretation and expression amidst the vast landscape of musical literature.
Since my debut as a soloist with an orchestra at the age of 12, I have had the privilege of performing with numerous orchestras across Spain, Germany, Israel, and beyond. My musical journey has been enriched by my education at institutions such as the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance in Israel, and the Hannover and Freiburg Music Academies in Germany. Additionally, I have been fortunate to receive guidance from esteemed pianists and musicians including Murray Perahia, Igor Levit, and Menachem Pressler. Furthermore, I am a scholar of the NeuStartKultur and LMN Programs, and a senior fellow of the Eldwell Center for Young Talented Musicians, and the America-Israel Cultural Foundation.


In the Classroom

The teaching of music, and piano in particular, holds immense significance in my life as both a musician and an educator. Interacting with individuals of diverse backgrounds, needs, and skill levels, all unified by a shared passion for piano playing, continually inspires and challenges me to navigate, communicate, and foster enriching musical journeys.

With over a decade of experience teaching in Music Academies, Music Schools, and through private instruction, I've had the privilege of working with students ranging from young children to pensioners.

I teach a broad spectrum of musical genres, from Baroque to Pop, and incorporate a variety of teaching methods including collaborative playing, utilization of different apps, and the application of 'Learning By Doing' principles.

I deeply emphasize the significance of ear training and fundamental music theory as vital gateways to the musical realm. Furthermore, I integrate creative and artistic approaches into my lessons, fostering not only growth in technical proficiency but also encouraging musical expression and fulfillment among my students.

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